Digital & Music Interactive Media Hall

- Location : Gwacheon National Science Museum
- Technology : Projection, Laser Sensing, Physical Computing, Cymatics

국립 과천과학관에 상설 설치된 레이져 하프와 LED 발판 드럼, 사이매틱스 전시품 입니다. 어린이들이 
하프와 드럼을 통해 음악을 연주해내면 그 소리에 맞춰 LED불빛과 영상이 투사되어 하모니를 
이루는 콘텐츠입니다.
또 다른 전시품으로는 사이매틱스(Cymatics)로 관람객이 마이크에 대고 소리를 내면 목소리의 주파수를 
다양한 주파수 파형을 색 모래로 시각화 시키는 작품 입니다.

Digital & music is Installed with laser harp and LED scaffolding drum and Cymatics in National Gwacheon Science Museum. The LED light and video match the sound to play the music through
the harp and drum, 
it make the mood of harmony in hall. Cymatics recognizes the frequency of voice which emits the sound toward the microphone visitors and it is the work to visualize the various frequencies of the waveform to the color of the sand 

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