NIKE_LED Matrix Installation 

- Location : KOON with a View, Sinsa-dong, Seoul
- Technology : LED Matrix

가로수길에 위치한 KOON with a View 에서 열린, NIKE Tech Pack 홍보를 위한 팝업스토어에 설치된 
LED 매트릭스 전시품 입니다. 실린더 타입으로 구성된 LED Matrix 속에 새롭게 런칭하는 옷을 입은 마네킹을
배치하고, 다양한 패턴의 
LED 제어를 통해 소비자들이 제품에 더욱 관심을 갖게 만들어 홍보효과를 높이는
프로모션용 작업입니다.  

Nike pop-up store was held in “KOON with a View” is located in the seoul, and installed in the store for
the NIKE Tech Pack publicity. By placing the mannequin wearing a new launching the clothes in the LED Matrix made up of a cylinder type, the consumer can enhance the creation publicity effect to have more interest in the product via the LED control of the various patterns it is a work for the promotion

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